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From Desert Sandstone Arches to Amazing Mountain Sunsets. Western Landscapes Wildlife Behavior Unexpected, Exhilarating, Imaginative Photographs of Animals Living Remarkable Lives. Waters of Life The Life Blood of our Planet. Nature’s Brilliance Sensational Captures of Nature’s Display of Colors. Celebrating Life’s Remarkable Creatures. Wildlife Portraits By Human Hand Human Impacts on the Natural World.

“These images tell the tale of the wild places and reveal stories beyond that of simple beauty, and say things that sometimes words can’t say.
They have the power to move people!”

Why Shauns art is important. It’s about the connection.

It’s no secret that our world is ever changing and that which once was, will not always be.
Shauns art has become a visual language that anyone from anywhere can understand and be inspired by.
From photographs depicting majestic mountain landscapes to wild bears catching salmon, his art tells the story of nature. Nature speaks to us all, in many different ways. Creating a connection which can help us emotionally, financially, psychologically, and even helps to shape our collective well being.
Shauns art brings this home to you!
These pieces establish that connection we seek and show us why it is important for us to appreciate, protect and preserve these elements of nature for our future.

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