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We offer the highest quality images printed on the highest quality materials. That is our difference.

See for yourself and prepare to look at the tiny details.

Aluminum Wall Print 30”x40”, Highlighted Section 6”x9” The highlighted square section is displayed below for comparison reasons.
Aluminum Wall Print 30”x40”, Highlighted Section 6”x9” The highlighted square section is displayed below for comparison reasons.

The difference is in the details

The first image below is what you would receive from us, the second from someplace else.

 For equal comparison, both images are displayed at 100% zoom under optimal lighting and without glare.

Now take a good look. Look at those tiny details. Get as close as you can and focus on the same section of each comparative images.

Look at those tiny leaves; look at the color differences, look at the vibrancy, look at the contrast, look at the sharpness.

These differences become fairly obvious when you print large over 30 inches. Both were printed and produced using the exact same file,

at the same size, but as you likely noticed one print came out far superior than the other.

Almost all photographs look great online, but suffer when it comes to large format printing, and that is where we excel.

It is our photography, our creative process and who we partner with to give you these extraordinary results.

We value the fact our collectors KNOW they have the very best *Museum Quality Fine Art on their walls.

This is the difference you get at Shaun Downey Photography. That’s it, we said it!

They all look good, until you “Pixel Peep”

Our Quality

Highest  Quality

16,000 Printable Colors

Higher Color Accuracy

5x More Vibrancy

70% More Pixel Density

Substantially More Detail

Considerably Sharper

Large & Small Format Prints

Much More Expensive to Produce

* What We Offer

The Industry Standard

Lossy Quality (means lost quality)

Only 256 Printable Colors

Lower Color Accuracy

Flatter Vibrancy

70% Less Pixel Density

Less Detail

Considerably less sharp

Small Format Prints

Much Cheaper to Produce

* What We Don’t Offer

Our Acrylics Are Unmatched

Our Quality

Absolute Highest Quality

16,000 Printable Colors

Far More Accurate Colors(16bit depth)

Handmade ROMA Wood Frames

70% More Pixel Density

Substantially More Detail & Sharpness

Double Layer Acrylic

Scratch and Fade Resistent

TruLife Anti Glare

Large & Small Format Prints

Iridium Infusion between Acrylic Layers

* Iriduim makes the print glow

Lumachrome Print

The Industry Standard

Lowered Quality

256 Printable Colors

Less Accurate Colors (8bit depth)

Plastic or Composit Frame

70% Less Pixel Density

Less Detail & Overall Sharpness

Single Layer Unsupported Acrylic

Easily scratched

Most have Substantial Glare

Small Format Prints

No Infusion, paper print only

Ink jet Print

Our Quality

Handmade ROMA Wood Frames
Double Layer Acrylic; Iridium Infusion between Acrylic Layers

The Industry Standard

Plastic or Composite Frame
Single Layer Unsupported Acrylic; Print Exposed on the Back
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