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Shaun Downey is a Fine Art Nature Photographer whose artistry sheds light on the importance of environmental stewardship by showcasing the beauty of nature in our world!

“Watch, listen and immerse yourself fully in the beauty of nature.
Let it show you what it has to off and then bring that moment of home with you.
Share it with others so that they may too develope an understanding of what nature has to offer and why its important to protect it!”

~ Shaun

Growing up in a small mountain town in Colorado, Shaun unknowingly began his affinity for all things wild and free at a very young age. Much of his youth was spent hiking among mountains, discovering wild places and experiencing what nature had to offer. After receiving a degree from Colorado State University, Shaun began pursuing life as a full time photographer.
For the better part of 15 years now, adventures and discoveries shape who is and what he has become.

Today, Shaun spends most of his time traveling in search of amazing photographic opportunities.
From photographing waterfalls to grizzly bears, Shaun’s love of being behind the lens capturing those ‘hard to get, but never forget’ moments really drive him.


Shaun’s philosophy behind the lens is to let the subject be free and independent of man’s interaction.
All wildlife is wild. All landscapes are real.

“It is the rawness of the subject” – that is so enticing!

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