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Selecting a fine art piece for your office is a bit different than selecting one for the home. It’s not all about you. Just kidding, it is. It’s about what YOU prefer to experience visually. You are in control of the disposition of your office and you’ll want to add imagery that inspires whoever is intended to experience it. 

I more often than not start my search for fine art by looking for a few different images that each make me think and feel differently. Once I’ve found some I like, I analyze them. I think about how they make me feel and what they make me think about. Do I have a connection to them, what do they mean to me, what purpose might they serve? If you’re able to answer these questions and still love the image, you’ve got the hard part done. The next big consideration is color. Color brings the space to life and establishes a mood. You will want to look for pieces that will also add dimension and a bit of class to the space you are filling. All without being distracting. The images I choose always leave an impression and color plays a significant role in the location where I ultimately end up placing the image.

A few examples of how I think about imagery for office use. I personally love mountain scenes in the work environment because it gets people thinking and starts the creative juices flowing. Mountains are physical and metaphorical goals. It’s in our nature from the very beginning to want to climb to the top. To excel, to be the best, to lead others and ultimately stand out. Maybe that is what we want our team to think about. Climbing those mountains.

On another hand, we often have team members who regularly push themselves to the limit and a different type of visual experience would be of greater value. Instead of setting visual goals of climbing the next mountain, how about the peaceful nature of the pristine river? The rivers are our life blood. They bring us a sense of calmness and peace. They give our inquiring minds time to reflect, and in time makes us better critical thinkers, more creative, and patient.  

Whichever route you take, I’m sure we have an image or two that will fulfill your needs, be pleasing to the people you and spark a great conversation. Feel free to reach out and speak with us.

We love helping people such as yourself find the right piece of art and answer any questions you may have.

You have a brilliant eye for composition and color and contrast!

by Jonathan

Thank you very much! They are beautiful and my husband loves them.

by Maria

Ay ya have amazing pics!

by Kristen

Are you having a hard time choosing what’s right for you?
We’re here to help!

We really enjoy being involved in the selection process, and we are happy to help find what is right for you.
Everyone is different, everyone has different tastes, so send us an email with your preferred contact information, an idea of what you might be after, and shapshot of the place you are looking to fill.
We will gladly help you select the right image, size, and material to make your space look amazing.

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