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Material Breakdown


Lumachrome TruLife® Acrylic.

There are a multitude of different types of Acrylic prints out there and we want you to know that we offer only the best. An acrylic print in its simplest terms is a print sandwiched between a clear-ish acrylic panel on the front, and a paper backing affixed to a floating frame on the back. Sounds simple right, and it is, until you start diving into the details. But why do some acrylics blow away your mind with how beautiful they are and others just look ‘good’. You can probably guess, it’s in the materials.

We want our images displayed on only the most beautiful materials so that when you gaze upon one, you know you are looking at a museum quality piece. That means we pair our images with the best TruLife® Anti-Reflective Acrylic surface with the most vibrant Lumachrome prints available. TruLife® Acrylic is steps ahead of traditional and anti-glare acrylics with its supreme clarity and ability to render immense detail and color. In addition to being the most clear and beautiful, TruLife® Acrylic is also anti-static, scratch resistant, 99% UV protected and anti-reflective making them the most beautiful and easy to maintain acrylic on the market. However, where the real magic happens is the Lumachrome print underneath.

Lumachrome prints have a superior color gamut and unsurpassed detail as compared to traditional acrylic prints. The true 16bit color depth offers unbelievable vibrancy, clarity and resolution resulting in brilliant colors that last for years. Lumachrome also has the unique and highly sought after ability to hold image highlights while still rendering details in the shadows. Then during the encapsulation process, iridium particles are infused in the layer between the white poly surface and the acrylic rendering an incredible 3D image quality and dimensionality. These prints can appear backlit and almost holographic under the right lighting conditions and can even glow in response to halogen lighting. The best part is these brilliant colors will last over 100 years.

To finish off the piece we add the backing and floated frame. At this point some choose to have their piece framed traditionally with an amazing handmade Italian ROMA Frames (just email us). However, the most common and modern approach is to give the appearance the fine art piece is floating off the wall. We attached a 6mm or 12mm Comatex super rigid backer and mounted to a 1.3” Roma floating frame. This backer makes all the difference when it comes to image sturdiness and the hidden Roma frame lifts the image ever so gently off the wall rendering the modern floating appearance. When all put together, we have the most beautiful museum quality piece of all.

Aluminum ~

ChromaLuxe Dye Sublimation Aluminum.

For the cleanest, sharpest, most color rich aluminum wall panels on the market today, ChromaLuxe is the step above. The ChromaLuxe Dye Sub panels are a substrate of  traditional aluminum with a custom formulated multi-layer polymer finish. The images are not printed directed onto the aluminum like traditional methods, but printed onto dye sublimation transfer paper and then transferred to the ChromaLuxe panel through heat and pressure. The resulting image is outstandingly clear and offers a unique dimensional quality unsurpassed in its brilliance and vibrancy. The process of infusing the dyes directly into the images coating provides permanent protection and durability for the artwork. ChromaLuxe panels are scratch, fade, fire and water resistant. These are a great option for someone who wants the highest quality artwork that is extremely lightweight, with a high gloss contemporary feel. These panels arrive ready to hang with either a ½” float mount hanger for smaller sizes or ¾” inset frame with french cleat for larger sizes floating the print beautifully off the wall.

Prints ~

Fujicolor Crystal Archive Pearl

There are a hundred or more different print surfaces out there in the world today. Each offering a different look and purpose. We have chosen Pearl. Crystal Archive Pearl by Fuji Color is the perfect display medium for our stunning landscapes and wildlife. The glossy surface offers sharp detail, high intensity color, and a distinctive pearl like appearance. The image is exposed onto the photo paper resulting in a much higher quality print with more color depth and detail than a traditional inkjet print. These prints come without matting or frames, making them a more economical option for those who still demand a high quality print, but with the versatility that comes with framing it themselves.

( NEW) Eco Aluminum ~

economical Fujicolor High Gloss Aluminum Panels

Eco- Aluminums Material

Creating a rich lifestyle on a modest budget can be a challenging proposition but also very rewarding. I’m a firm believer that you don’t always have to spend a fortune to have a well-furnished home with pleasurable art pieces you love sharing with family and friends. For those more mindful in spending money; or for those careful and diligent in their use of resources, we’ve created the Eco Aluminum. Our Eco Aluminum is ideal for the person new to fine art collecting, loves lots of variety, or wants smaller sized pieces with smaller sized price points. These pieces work exceptionally great in the modern home office and it’s like decorating your space with the look and feel of a filet mignon lifestyle, only on a roast beef budget. We offer image infused 3/64” thick aluminum panels up to 36” in length. Each panel features a UV resistant ink and a glossy coating that prevents fading. These panels are ready to hang right out of the box with a standard french cleat.

Feel free to reach out with any questions. We love to talk about our art.

You have a brilliant eye for composition and color and contrast!

by Jonathan

Thank you very much! They are beautiful and my husband loves them.

by Maria

Ay ya have amazing pics!

by Kristen

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