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The artwork you place in your home is often a subtle reflection of your very own personality. Sounds crazy right, but it’s often the case. The pieces of art you end up choosing to surround yourself with shed light into the life you live and the things or places you love. Finding the right pieces of art for your home is about finding that connection. And when you are lucky enough to find them, these are the pieces that help turn your house into your home. 

For me its color, I love bright, beautiful, vibrant color. Color makes me happy and gives me peace. For you, it could be anything and that is what you’ll want to figure out. Starting off, you will want to analyze a few pieces of art you like and see what emotions they draw out. Then ask yourself if you want to continue to feel this way, if not, try another piece. I generally go through a few pieces before I settle on the ones I feel I’d like to have in my home.

Next you’ll want to think about colors. Color is also a major determining characteristic toward the overall feel of the space. Do you want the piece to stand out with brilliant colors or perhaps blend in with softer more muted tones? Will the new piece be competing with other existing art or will it lead the way? What color schemes already exist in the room? What type of room is it? All great things to you will want to think about. 

The third thing you want to think about is size. The location will generally dictate the size of the art and also what style. Do you want a beautiful relaxing waterfall in your bathroom or bear cubs snuggled up to momma. You will want to find a good balance between subject matter and size and also determine if it will be a major centerpiece or just compliment the room. Every room in the home serves a different purpose so here are some guidelines I often use when thinking about the type of art I want to place in any specific room. 

  • Bedrooms; medium/large pieces with soothing tones and colors. Think relaxation.
  • Bathrooms; medium/small, fun and bright pieces. Often in pairs.
  • Living areas; large scale thought provoking pieces with lots of color.
  • Kitchens; smaller more fun pieces
  • Entryways; medium scenic pieces
  • Offices; medium/small, inspirational pieces, creative pieces
  • Game rooms; medium or large, multiple pieces following a specific theme. Think ‘fall colors.’
  • Hallways; multiple complimentative small pieces. Love wildlife here.
  • Bars; medium, an amazing piece you really want to share.

I hope this helps. Feel free to reach out and speak with us. We love helping people the right piece of art and answer any questions you may have.

You have a brilliant eye for composition and color and contrast!

by Jonathan

Thank you very much! They are beautiful and my husband loves them.

by Maria

Ay ya have amazing pics!

by Kristen

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