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Jackson Lake Sunrise

One of those rare magical mornings when all competes of the image actually came together. Sunrise over Jackson Lake in Grand Teton National Park is one of my favorite images to try and capture with my camera, but more often then not, it isn’t mean to be. Too many clouds, it’s raining, or too windy. Ive failed more times than I can remember, but that is part of the fine and might just be what keeps me coming back. This one such morning however, magic happened. The sky was softly cloud covered, the wind non existent and the first rays of daylight lit up the entire Teton Mountain Range like I have never seen before. Mt Moran in the center of the image just glows. I climbed down the hill on the backside of Jackson Lake Dam to capture this low to the water perspective. It was one of those rare instances where I knew no matter what happened, I could not mess this up. The best part was, not another person was in sight at 5:15am and I had this beautiful view all to myself. Enjoy!

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