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Where Dreams Begin

I was lucky enough to experience my first wildflower ‘superbloom’ and it was extraordinary. I’ve chased after several wildflower blooms in recent years, mostly in the high alpine of Colorado; however, this was my very first prairie superbloom. Deep in the heart of Idaho of all places is a 15 mile long valley called Camas Prairie. At one end of the prairie is a 3,000 acre wetland called Centennial Marsh and for a few select days each spring, this wetland comes alive with Camas Lilies. I studied the area for a few years before finally travelling from my home in Colorado to Idaho to see this extraordinary event. A full 16 hour drive from my house, I  didn’t want to waste the trip on incorrect timing or worse the possibility of a dry year where the bloom potentially might not happen at all. After arriving, I spent 3 full days chasing the sunset hoping for something magical. Each day presented different challenges to myself as a photographer. Not enough light one day and too much wind on another. But all I needed was a few moments of great light and minimal wind right at sunset to make a dream flower shot happen. I was willing to wait it out and that third evening…  was magical. With the clouds resting low on the horizon, the sun’s rays were able to penetrate deep into the prairie fields and bring many of the lilies to life with a variety of superb purple hues. Very few times in my life have I witnessed a scene so perfect. I hope you love it as much as I do!

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