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Where Worlds Collide

This is easily one of the hardest to capture photos I’ve have ever taken. But also one of my most rewarding. As you can see the brown bear is sneaking up on an unlucky sockeye salmon. Brown bears search the shallows for spawning salmon that are likely easier to catch than the ones in deeper water. The particular salmon was just resting with its mate when it caught a visual of the bears movement. One salmon shot straight up-stream and out of frame, but the other did a 180 degree about face and stayed long enough to have his picture taken. I’ve spent hundreds of hours photographing brown bears in the wild and I’m fairly  familiar with their tendencies now, but its a real challenge to guess what the salmon is gonna do and even more so get a bear and fish in the same frame… underwater. Salmon just seem to follow their own set of rules and do something different every time. I was really keyed in on the predator prey relationship told from half underwater and half above water perspective. Something I haven’t seen before with bears. Truth be told, I had to attempt this image multiple times and it wasn’t until all the right circumstances came together that I was able to capture this image successfully. I hope you love it as much as I do.


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