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Glacier Ram

This is one of the very few lucky images I capture. Most images now days are well planned out and take multiple attempts before they come to fruition. In this case however, I was hiking the High line Trail at Logan Pass in Glacier National Park to photograph a sunset over Grinnell Glacier. Unfortunately as I was hiking the miles out there to the overlook, smoke stated to come in from the 2024 wildfires in Alberta and made the sky in the north and east too hazy and discolored for landscape photos. So I turned around and headed back to my van parked at Logan Pass and behold this giant beautiful Bighorn Sheep was standing on some rocks maybe 15 feet or so in front of me. The skies were lit up so perfectly by this point due to a combination of smoke haze and sunset that it makes for a truly epic photograph. I am happy the Ram was accustomed to people being nearby as it stayed here for minutes and just posed as I clicked away happily. When the Ram finally left I just giggled to myself, “That was just too easy”!


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