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The Brawler

After spending hundreds of hours in many rivers in Southwest Alaska photographing Brown Bears fishing for Salmon, I had this crazy idea of wanting to get a straight on full frame portrait of the largest bear I’d ever seen. So I made it happen. One morning a few summers later I saw him working up the center of the river a few hundred yards below. You know he’s the baddest boy out there because all the other bears quickly move out of his way. He approached head on as he worked up the river and game me some beautiful portraits. When we both reached our mutual comfort point, we both simultaneously angled away from each other and I let him pass. He moved up and out onto the river bank and disappeared into the alder brush. I went over to where he exited the river and looked at his tracks. I was able to put my size 13 wading boot inside his back foot pad, both vertically and horizontally. That’s a big bear. For perspective, Im 6’1″ and I could not see over his shoulder hump as he approached. Wowza.

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