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A Split World

I’ve wanted to for as long as I can remember, capture a photo of a brown bear fishing for salmon half over and half underwater. Logistically a nightmare to photograph and that is also a major part of the allure. I like to make things complicated and I knew I had my work cut out for me and this is one of only two images that made the final cut. My big idea was to emphasize the landscape and aquatic life (Salmon) of the underwater world how it relates to the dry world we know… and of course there had to be a bear. I love bears.  The final images conveys the story I had hoped for, late season sockeye salmon swimming around in a shallow pool and a brown bear looking on from a distance. I chose late season because I wanted an opportunity to do it with the fall color change in addition to showing the various stages of the decaying sockeye salmon. See salmon don’t all make their runs up the fresh water streams to spawn all at once, each river is uniquely different. Some pass thru early, some linger and some arrive late. I wanted to somehow show that but of course like I said before, there had to be a bear. I won’t get into to many details of taking the shot, but I knew I needed enough light to illuminate underwater, but not too much that it washes out the objects above, and this image ended up being a good compromise.

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