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Owl Eyes

It was the December 31, 2022 about an hour before last light when most people are out and about getting ready to ring in the new year.. I was chillin with my local family of owls. LEO’s as we call them, Long Eared Owls. There was a family of 12 at a nearby set of Russian Olive tress and they have grown quite accustomed to me hanging out with them while sitting in the snow. On this particular evening one of the owls flew very close, about 5 feet away from where I was sitting in the snow way down at eye level. The LEO sat there for about 10 minutes and as it began to preen its feathers for another flight, it gave me a couple epic expressions, this being one. Enjoy.

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Eco Aluminum, Aluminum, Acrylic, Print


12×18, 12×36, 16×20, 16×24, 16×48, 20×30, 24×36, 30×40, 30×60, 30×90, 36×72, 40×60, 40×80, 48×96, 48×120, Triptych 12×36, Triptych 20×60, Triptych 36×108

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